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Jillian Barthold is an artist originally from nowhere, but currently living in Portland, OR. Her personal work often centers around her relationship to objects and spaces - each illustration is a magnifying glass to study the seemingly mundane and force you to take a moment to consider the things and places we interact with daily. Other work includes a wide range of subject matter and clients including, but not limited to, Airbnb, Schmidt’s Naturals, Girls Inc., Scout Books, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Travel Portland, Stella Taco, Flat Brim Wines, Freeland Spirits, the Portland Art Museum, and more. Jillian is the co-founder of unapologetically silly micro studio, Fruit Salad Club, and teaches screen printing and book arts the The IPRC. Her work is heavily inspired by the Japanese world view or aesthetic of wabi-sabi, travel, and child-like wonder.

She is available for commissions and freelance.

You can contact her anytime, day or night, at jillian.barthold@gmail.com.